Rise up to the Top - High Atlas 2022 Program

A successful public-private partnership


  • Context

After the successful expedition and caravan Rise up to the Top in the High Atlas between 21 August and 04 September 2021, which gathered essential information, the incubation program "Rise up the Top - High Atlas" was launched in January 2022.

  • Objective

The first phase of this project aims at the successful incubation of 100 entrepreneurial projects in the Moroccan High Atlas throughout the year 2023. The results obtained will be the subject of continuous evaluations, as well as a social impact report.

Sectors of activity of project leaders




Mountain sports

Capacities developed by the project holders

  • Collaborative spirit

  • Sense of commitment

  • Autonomy capacity

  • Agile mindset in the face of environmental challenges

  • Ability to operate in networks

  • Sensitivity for sustainable development

  • Ability to create value for its ecosystem

Pedagogical activities of the program:

  • Interactive lessons
  • Individual reflection work
  • Sub-group work
  • Pedagogical progression in autonomy and collective intelligence
  • Thematic training
  • Questions - answers / Quizzes
  • Coaching
  • Cesim Service Serious Game
  • Exepert's wibinars


Get involved with us to change a life, a community for the better!

Some of our project holders came to testify about their entrepreneurial dream and the value of the Rise up to the Top solidarity incubation program for the development of their capacities and for their success.

The training is provided by expert trainers familiar with Finnish learning methods.

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