Rise up to the top

Success in entrepreneurship

A unique incubation model for a solidarity incubation program

The solidarity program Rise up to the Top - Success in entrepreneurship aims to contribute to success in entrepreneurship® across the regions of Morocco, in line with the objectives of the New Development Model.

Rise up to the Top was developed in a Moroccan context by Edukaskills - Global learning Finnish experts in Morocco and Finland.
Edukaskills Finland holds the "Education Finland" seal of excellence and is part of the Business Finland network. These awards of excellence contribute to the success of Rise up to the Top.

Edukaskills is also affiliated to the Moroccan Federation of Sports Professionals.


Model and methods

A Finnish learning model and methods adapted to the context of the program

Expert trainers

A team of experts in training and support for entrepreneurs


Understanding the organizational and environmental issues of project holders


Expertise in the development of skills development projects in the regions


Support from partners and patrons in the field

Overall methodological approach

Serving the challenges of the project holders

  1. Alignment with organizational issues

  2. Integration of specificities and business issues

  3. Consideration of regulatory requirements

  4. Development of high value-added solutions

  5. Commitment to improving operational performance

The solidarity program Rise up to the top

Objectives and expected results.

Program Objectives

  • Stimulating innovation and business development

  • Understand and develop the mindset of a successful entrepreneur

  • Successfully execute an agile organizational model

  • Launch your entrepreneurial project

Program Outcomes

  • Develop economically viable projects

  • Acquire transversal operational skills

  • Start operating incubated projects

  • Creating value for the entrepreneur ecosystem

The project holder at the heart of our approach

Our method focuses on the performance of the founding entrepreneur in serving his organization and on strengthening his ability to start and manage a successful organization.

The Rise up to the Top incubation program aims to develop transversal operational skills related to innovation, creation and presentation of a business idea, as well as its successful financing, launch and management.

The incubation program is structured around the following activities:

Rise up to the top is aimed for entrepreneurs who carry a vision, a dream and have the abilities to make it happen.

Our core value system






Our Finnish learning method

  • Learning is based on the study of real phenomena by concrete cases as well as on the resolution of related problems.

  • Problems are identified and solved by learners using an exploratory learning approach.

  • Transversal operational skills are acquired in all themes, throughout the 8 stages of the learning process.

  • This method allows learners to access their true intellectual potential and progress professionally in a world marked by profound transitions.

  • The learning process includes a comprehensive evaluation system with indicators of quality and pedagogical performance.