Sporting achievements and surpassing oneself are at the heart of the Rise up to the Top incubation model.

To this end, Edukaskills Solidarity Foundation organizes an annual solidarity expedition that mobilizes its entrepreneurial ecosystem.

August 2022


After the successful solidarity expeditions of Edukaskills Solidarity Foundation in 2020 and 2021 which made it possible to launch the Rise up to the Top - High atlas incubation program, the human adventure continues with the Rise up to the wind ocean expedition which aims to launch the Rise up to the Top - Coastline incubation program by integrating 300 project leaders and entrepreneurs in the seed phase in the following regions:

  1. Casablanca - Settat
  2. Marrakech - Safi
  3. Souss - Massa
  4. Guelmim - Oued noun

Meeting entrepreneurs from the south

The expedition made it possible to meet the project leaders selected for the Rise up to the Top - Coastline incubation program, which will be implemented as part of an ecosystem of public and private institutional and financial partners, at the scale of each Region visited and in order to launch the successful incubation of 300 project leaders.

L’expédition Rise up to the wind visait à rallier Safi à Sidi Ifni par la mer en windsurf et en stand up paddle, soit plus de 400 kms parcourus en 14 jours.

For this incredible solidarity expedition, we had the pleasure of following Driss Rhafes, President of Edukaskills Solidarity Foundation and Soufiane Sahili, professional windsurfer, who were the adventurers of the Rise up, stand up expedition in 2020.

400 km in windsurfing and stand up paddle

Here are some of the tangible contributions of the Rise up to the wind expedition:

  • Commitment to gender equality, socio-economic inclusion, upward mobility and economic performance,

  • Development of responsible entrepreneurial ecosystems in the southern regions,

  • Highlighting the renewable energy sector: wind, solar, tidal...

  • Contribution to strengthening the empowerment of coastal regions and citizens,Enhancement of the Moroccan natural heritage.

Solidarity entrepreneurial caravan

A solidarity caravan is organized with the involvement of partners to meet project leaders, discover them in their daily lives and integrate them into the solidarity incubation program.

21 August - 1st September 2021


For this expedition which began on August 21, 2021 with the M'Goun - 4071m (Ait Bouguemez) and ended with 5 summits of 4000m + of the Toubkal massif, with an arrival at the Oukaimeden, Driss Rhafes, President of Edukaskills Solidarity Foundation, was accompanied by Ayoub Koutar and Anass Errihani and guided by Abdelatif Azdour. These 4 entrepreneurs and experienced mountaineers are committed to supporting the development of economic, social and sports activities in the Moroccan High Atlas.

12 days (265 km) in the High Atlas

The 4 adventurers made a sustained crossing of 12 days between the valleys and summits of the Moroccan High Atlas, over a distance of more than 265km, including more than 18,000m of ascent (elevation gain), including 6 summits of 4,000m + emblematic of the mountain range.

This expedition ensured the launch of the entrepreneurial program "Rise up to the Top - High Atlas".

The story of the crossing will be shared in the documentary film Rise up to the Top, the great crossing of the high atlas for solidarity.

20 August - 6 September 2020


The crossing for rowing solidarity

This expedition carried out between August 20 and September 6, 2020 was a fabulous human adventure above all and it is surely what made it successful.

In the context of uncertainty, constraints specific to the health crisis, such a project seemed just impossible to achieve.

El jadida - Essaouira (300 km)

By stand up paddle 

But it was because it was dedicated to supporting the cause of social advancement, supporting the access of deserving baccalaureate holders in precarious situations to higher education, that it had to succeed.

The documentary film Rise up, stand up tells the story of this project.